About us

IPItalia is specialized in the manufacture pumps and mixers for industrial use made of thermoplastic materials chemical attacks resistant. Our technical experience and management expertise has enabled the company to acquire a specific know-how and to ensure adequately studied products for many different industrial applications, such as: chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating industry, environmental treatments and main fields of industrials applications.

IPItalia develops pumps, mixers and customizable accessories; furthermore every metal part is suitably coated in order to withstand the chemical aggression of liquid agents used in industrial processes. The materials selection and the construction technologies ensure full compatibility with the products handled, a long lasting duration and compliance with safety regulations.

We are a certified company, (specialized for pumps series OM, OG, HM, HG, HV, HVG, MV, VG, according to Directive ATEX 94/9/EC Group 2 category 2ND). IPItalia also produces self-priming centrifugal pumps, both close-coupled end suction types and base-joint types as well as vortex impeller pumps.

Innovation and research

IPItalia promotes the research and the application of new technologies and furthermore looks for new materials and operating systems as well as the development of competitive products.
IPItalia is a reliable technologic partner always focused on satisfying customers’ requests by maintaining high quality standards and by paying special attention to reducing the “environmental impact”.