Horizontal centrifugal pumps

The horizontal centrifugal pumps in plastic material for acid or alkaline liquids, are available in five versions. The pumps have no metals parts contact with the pumped fluid.

Pompe Serie OM F | Pompe a Monoblocco Filettato | OM F Series Pumps | Enbloc-type Close Coupled Threaded Pumps

Close-coupled threaded OM F series pumps

Close-coupled flanged OM series pumps

Pompe Serie OM | Pompe Monoblocco ad Attacchi Flangati | OM Series Pumps | Enbloc-type Close-Coupled Flanged

Close-coupled HM series pumps

Pompe Serie HG | Pompe in Esecuzione Base Giunto | HG Series Pumps | Base Joint Centrifugal Pumps

HG base-joint pumps series