IpItalia looks towards the future

A new generation site, effective contents and an engaging user-experience
IPITALIA renews its image on the web and does so with the restyling of its institutional site, now online completely revisited to be closer to the needs of today’s market.
The new website was created paying particular attention to accessibility and browsing while encouraging interactivity, because even in the digital age, IPITALIA firmly believes in the quality of human relationships and in interaction with its customers.

This is why IPITALIA has expanded the various sections by making a series of useful tools, as well as detailed product information, accessible.
New brochure: written in Italian/English, it can be downloaded with a click and can be easily consulted to find out the main features of the various products.
Updates: the new site presents substantial additions to the diaphragm pumps and dosing pumps sections, while the dosage systems are described in the new page dedicated to the other activities. The new MVF series for electroplating plants has also been added and a new section dedicated to polyelectrolytes has been created.
Product description cards: each card has been integrated with functioning data, technical drawings and detailed images for an even faster and more exhaustive consultation of all the main features of the various devices.
In line with the constant search for innovation that has always distinguished IPITALIA, the site has been created taking advantage of responsive technology so that it can be easily consulted by any mobile device (tablet and smart-phone), with reduced loading times and an engaging user-experience.
An innovative choice implemented by the company to provide our vast number of clients with a convenient and fast way to discover the complete product catalogue and get closer to the world of IPITALIA.

Happy browsing!